Things To Consider Before Starting A New Website Design


It is believed that there are over two billion websites worldwide.

That is a staggering number of pages with pictures and words and all kinds of other stuff. Add to that the fact that over 1/2 of the world’s population has access to the internet and you can see why it’s so important to think carefully before building a new website.

There are so many different directions you can go when you are doing a new web design.

The first is to decide what type of website you want. Will it be an e-commerce site? A blog? A static site? An interactive site or something else? Will you use simple content management systems like Wix, Shopify or Squarespace to design it? Will you do a custom website design on a platform such as WordPress, Joomla, HTML or PHP? We recommend using the WordPress platform simply because it’s a very user-friendly platform. Over 40% of websites are WordPress. They are simple to use and as a business owner, you’ll be able to go in and update the website yourself. You won’t have to rely on someone else and their schedule to make changes for you. That is good news, especially if you are used to always contacting someone else because your website is too difficult to update. Also, if you are familiar with photography you’ll be able to add photographs into your content easily. You can also update everything including plugins in an easy fashion.

Once you decide which type of site you want, you will need to have a domain name. Here are some things to consider before purchasing a domain name. Will you be marketing the site? How quickly do you want your website to be visible online? What is the purpose for your domain name? Brainstorm names based on the purpose you have for it. If you need help deciding on a domain name, give us a call. On First Page has helped multiple clients come up with the perfect name for their new website.

Thirdly, how do you want your website designed? Are there certain things you like about other sites? Have your customers told you what they like on a site? All of these things are important and will help you create the perfect looking website developed for your business.

Fourthly, who is going to write your web content? You will want to make sure your content is friendly, correct in grammar and that it is written with the customer in mind. Many websites are designed with the content being all about the company. When a customer comes to your website they are not thinking about your company, they are thinking about their own cares and concerns. You want your content to reflect the customer and their needs. Also, if you do not have custom content, search engines will give little credit to what you have written and this can be devastating to your search engine placement.

Additionally, where will your photography come from? Some business owners have taken pictures off of other websites and put them on their own. Be careful of copyright laws. You don’t want to end up with a lawsuit. The best thing you can do is have custom photography.

Never forget that a new website design takes time to complete. Don’t be in a rush during this process. You’ll also want to test your website on a desktop browser, a tablet, and different types of mobile devices before launching.

Fifth, you want to make sure that your new website will be mobile friendly. With the popularity of mobile phones, nearly 60% of all web searches are done from a mobile phone. You’d be hurting your company if your website was not also designed for mobile devices. We see lots of website traffic every month. When customers come to your website on a mobile device, you want to make sure they spend as much time on your website as possible. Websites that are not mobile friendly see a huge decline in the amount of time customers spend on them. Mobile websites also have a greater likelihood of ranking high in search engine results and Google recommends responsive website designs. This in itself should cause every business owner to make sure their company website is designed to be mobile friendly.

And last of all is hosting. You will want to consider this as an important element when designing a new website. Make sure that your host server loads your site quickly and that you have very good security. Website hacking has increased dramatically over the last several years. There are cyber threats coming out of countries such as Russia, China, France, The United Arab Emirates. Even in places like Syria, Iceland, and the United States have skyrocketed. Website security is definitely something you will have to pay attention to when it comes to your company. Furthermore, it appears that these countries have targeted United States-based companies and business owners might have no idea that their site has been compromised. This is why you want to make sure the company you choose to host with has a reputation for very secure security features.

In this article, we wanted to give you a few ideas of some things to consider when it comes to creating a website for your company. If you need help or simply want a little more information, be sure to call us at On First Page – 918.851.9548.

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We also offer additional services such as logo creation and content writing. Whatever you need to make your website the complete package, we can do it!


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