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CNF Sign Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is their website look.


The CNF Sign Company or Claude Neon Federal Signs has been in Tulsa since 1926. They are the largest sign company in the state of Oklahoma yet they had very little online presence and their old website was slow and outdated. They called On First Page Inc. for help with a new website design, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing.

To begin their project, we had several meetings with CNF leadership. Our goal was to identify exactly what they needed for their company. They did not need a new logo and they did not need a new brand. What they needed was a new website and top placement on the internet. Especially for the products they produce exceptionally well.

This is an image from the new CNF Sign Company website

The first thing we did was create several new website concept ideas for them to choose from. Our goal was to showcase all of the amazing signs they have designed and built over the years. To accomplish this, we created multiple photo galleries throughout the website. This way it would be easy to identify the type of products they design and also see samples of their work. Because we had excellent communication with CNF owners and because they provided content and great photography, we were able to create and launch their new website very quickly.

The next thing they needed was placement in search engine results on the internet. They had never done anything as a company to promote their business online. This resulted in much newer and smaller companies outranking them in online searches. We optimized their website for the markets they wanted to show up well for online and then we started a backlink campaign. We also setup their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts and began their social media marketing campaign. Along with this we started citation profile creation in the Tulsa areas.

Our marketing efforts have worked extremely well for CNF Signs. Their website has increased dramatically in the SERPs and they are now the top-rated company in Oklahoma for the products they design and build. The owners are extremely pleased with how On First Page has helped their company increase in its online ranking. They typically receive new online requests every week for quotes on new signs. When asked how often they received quotes from their website previously, the owner said “never”! We are grateful that we have been able to assist CNF Signs in reaching their online markets with not only their new website but also, through SEO and social media marketing.



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